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Ko Eun (고은), better known as Koeun (고은), is a former trainee in SM Entertainment, and a former member of the pre-debut training team SMROOKIES, established in 2013. She was introduced on July 8, 2015. She left SM as of February 2020 SM Rookies member and trainee Lami is rumored to have left SM Entertainment.. Lami was known as one of the youngest trainees at SM and garnered a lot of attention for her beautiful visuals. Many. 20-year-old Koeun (real name Ko Eunji) was revealed as part of the SM Rookies lineup in July 2015. Her nickname is Koleader, and as the oldest member in the lineup, she's likely to be the group's frontwoman SM Rookie members Jungwoo and Lucas were spotted alongside other NCT members in the airport en route to the said country. Herin, Jeesu, Winny (SM Town version) Koeun, Hina, Herin, Lami (Mickey Mouse Club version) 2014 2015 Sung originally by Kang Su-ji, performed in SM Town Live World Tour IV (2014-15) and on the TV program Mickey Mouse Club (2015). No No No No No Yeri, Koeun, Hina.

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  1. g group's visual and actress
  2. Koeun has to be dying she has been insystem longer than any sm female trainee starting to push 10 years if they go next year instead of 2018. To stay strong after not making the RV cut and seeing.
  3. Smrookies 2015! Sr15g Koeun, Herin, Hina, Lami There has been rumors saying they will debut in 2017 with other sm trainees that are not yet revealed. Also, t..
  4. Sebelum meninggalkan perusahaan, Koeun merupakan trainee SM Entertainment selama 10 tahun dan bergabung bersama SM Rookie selama 6 tahun. Koeun dan Lami pun sudah dikenal sebagian para fans karena seringnya muncul di beberapa acara. Sedangkan Lami merupakan maknae dari SM Rookies. Ia sekarang berumur 16 tahun dan rencananya akan dijadikan sebagai visual dan seorang aktris. 2. Buka Media Sosial.
  5. Get to know SM Rookies girls Kim Sungkyung (born March 3, 2003), known by stage name Lami, is a former South Korean trainee at SM Entertainment. Prior to joining SM Entertainment, Lami was a RisingStar Entertainment and H Nine Company trainee and child model and actress
  6. SM Rookies is a pre-de­but train­ing team es­tab­lished on De­cem­ber 3, 2013 pro­duced by South Ko­rean agency, SM En­ter­tain­ment. It com­prises young trainees who have yet to debut in a pop group or as a solo act. The pro­ject has yielded artists such as Red Vel­vet and NCT

SM Rookie members Jungwoo and Lucas were spotted alongside other NCT members in the airport en route to the said country. On January 30, SM Entertainment confirmed the upcoming debut of the remaining SM Rookies members Kun, Lucas, and Jungwoo through the video NCT 2018 Yearbook #1. On February 13, it was revealed that Lucas and Jungwoo would be making their official debut through NCT U's. SM is crazy to be taking them in as trainees and trying to debut them. 8. [+20, -20] But honestly this is all just speculation and there's no proof for any of it. How is this any different from all the other rumors that girl groups have been tortured with. 9. [+18, -0] I was always under the impression that SM had great visuals but ever since they've been promoting Rookiez, my thoughts have. #koeun #sr18g #sm rookies #sm rookie girls #lami #hina #herin #ningning #sm entertainment #i love you #sr16g. 6 notes. nctyuta. anonymous said: Who do u like in SR16G? (sorry i know its ncts asks ;;) !!! noo ! ohgmugod i CHERISH sr16g . koeun n yiyang n hina are m'honey buns #fukin fight me 4 m'gorls #replied #koeun #yiyang #hina. 6 notes. nctyuta. anonymous said: SO READYYD FOR. SM ROOKIES (에스엠루키즈) est le nom donné au groupe de stagiaires de la SM Entertainment. SM ROOKIES est le groupe rassemblant les stagiaires de l'agence SM Entertainment. Il se divise en deux sous-groupes SRG (SM ROOKIES GIRLS) et SRB (SM ROOKIES BOYS). Le nom des sous-unités changent chaque année, en reprenant l'année dans le nom

SM Rookies là một dự án đào tạo thực tập sinh trước khi ra mắt và thành lập vào năm 2013 sản xuất bởi nhà quản lý Hàn Quốc, S.M. Entertainment. SM Rookies bao gồm các thực tập sinh trẻ, những người vẫn chưa được ra mắt trong một nhóm nhạc hay hoạt động solo. Nhóm nhạc đầu tiên của dự án là nhóm nhạc nữ Red. Dec 30, 2017 - The females of SM Entertainment's predebut team SMROOKIES. See more ideas about Smrookies girl, Sm rookies and Film music books SM Entertainment has already confirmed that its new girl group will debut in 2020. However, predebut fans now think the group's first song will come earlier in the year than expected as tons of new SM Rookies' Koeun and Lami photos surface. Koeun's New Photo


  1. g debut girl group. The members of new girl group are not yet definitely settled
  2. SM Rookie's LaMi Rumored To Have Left SM Entertainment. Feb 12, 2020 · 8,128 Views. LaMi Instagram. For long time K-Pop fans who have been following SM Rookie, you might recall some of the female trainees and one of them is none other than LaMi. With her introduction as a SM Rookie back in 2013, many have been hoping to hear her debut news soon but it looks like it is not going to happen. SM.
  3. I don't know why SM chose her. 7. [+23, -0] I'm a hardcore SM fan and I honestly think the Rookiez are hopeless. I've seen a few SM idols get into controversies after debut but never this many before debut. It's not only Taeyong but the entire Rookiez group. They have dirty private lives.. SM is crazy to be taking them in as trainees and trying.

Koeun is like Moon Sua of SM poor girl. I didn't know Tzuyu was short-term trainee, but the Jeongwoo/Haruto/Junghwan thing is so true. Sometimes I still find many silver boys stans in twitter salty for BX and Seunghun being cut out from Treasure for those 04-05 line kids. That happened with a long term Starship trainee recently too, Lee Gwanghyun. He went to produce S2 with Sewoon and everyone. -Cast member of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Jeno, Hina, Jisung, Koeun, Jaemin, Mark, Lami, Herin and MC Super Junior's Leeteuk. Birth Name : Na Jae Min (니재민) Stage Name : Jaemin. Birthday : August 13, 2000. Hometown : Seoul, South Korea . Nationality : Korean. Blood Type : AB. Speciality : Piano-Appeared in MNET EXO 90:2014 Ep 10 with Jisung and Donghyuck-Appeared in MNET 90:2014 ep 9. S.M.ROOKIES Girls Thailand. 2.2K likes. Since 12.10.16 เพจเล็กๆ อัปเดต all about SMROOKIES GIRLS Still support HERIN and Ex-SMROOKIES #พรีเดบิวต์ทีม #SR17G ♡ #에스엠루키 SM ROOKIES is a pre-debut team of trainees from SM Entertainment which tries to show the novice to the public before their debut. The team has no pre-debut conditions or requirements with respect to their training or membership and will give the novice the opportunity to collaborate in various ways and forms. So far, they have out photos, videos of dancing, singing, and videos with other.

SM Rookies (Jungyeon, Koeun, Lami, Ningning, Hina) - Run & Run (Shining Star Animation Rework | Original Song) [Misc] Close. 88. Posted by. u/not-named-in-credits. join r/nugutown for all your latest nugu MVs 2 months ago. SM Rookies (Jungyeon, Koeun, Lami, Ningning, Hina) - Run & Run (Shining Star Animation Rework | Original Song) youtu.be/ABr-t2... [Misc] 14 comments. share. save hide report. Fan Art of SMROOKIE Seul Gi for fans of SM ROOKIES 3619758 Jisung was the youngest male SM Rookie, born in 2002. He appeared as a young Yunho in Champagne, showing he was a little dancing machine. He also appeared in Mickey Mouse Club along with Mark, who was the first international trainee introduced. Mark was raised in Canada - something SM would never let you forget. A rapper and aspiring song-writer, Mark soon became a key SM Rookie and after.


Since she didn't debut as part of Red Velvet, Koeun was officially introduced as an SM Rookie in 2015 and became a part of the pre-debut team currently known as SR17G. Koeun is rumored to be in the running for the main vocalist position of the group SMROOKIES SM Rookies is a pre-debut team of trainees from SM Entertainment. Four out of the five members from Red Velvet are from SM Rookies. NCT U debuted with 6 of the SM Rookies Members Current Trainees SR16B Birth Name: Ji Han Sol (지한솔) Stage Name: Han Sol (한솔) Birth Date: 21st November, 1994 (1994년 11월 Saturday , May 9 2020. Home; K-Pop; Profiles; NowKPop International. โกอึน(Koeun) - SM Rookie. โกอึน(Koeun) - SM Rookie. ชื่อ: Ko Eunji / Koeun. วันเกิด: 18 มีนาคม 2015. วันที่แนะนำตัว: 10 ธันวาคม 2013. ตำแหน่งที่เป็นไปได้: ลีดเดอร์, นักร้องนำ . ฮินะ(Hina) - SM Rookie. ฮินะ.

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Pre-debut photo of Koeun. Initially, fans who have been following SM Rookies assumed the former was the case, and that the new girl group's debut was even closer than expected. However, alleged insider netizens are now claiming that Koeun and Lami are actually no longer trainees under SM Entertainment SM Rookie diciptakan untuk memperkenalkan bekerja sama untuk menciptakan sistem SM. Peserta akan bebas untuk membentuk gruup berbeda satu sama lain, yang menunjukkan kehidupan sehari-hari dan melatih mereka untuk fans. Profil, Biodata & Fakta-Fakta Dari SR15G (SM ROOKIES GIRLS) Lihat di bawah untuk profil mereka! 1. KOEUN Sebelumnya: - Nickname: Koeun Tanggal Lahir: 18 Maret 199 Negara. Just months after SM Entertainment confirmed that the company's new girl group would be debuting this year, rumor has it that two of the longest-standing SM Rookies girls have quit. Back at the end of January, new pre-debut pictures surfaced of Koeun (Ko Eun) and Lami (Kim Sungkyung). Koeun (left) and Lami (right) 20-year-old Koeun was the oldest of the girls in SM Rookies, - SM rookie girls first appearance (SMTOWN 2014) - Jungyeon on sketchbook with her father - WINTER GARDEN featuring sm rookie girls - Lami with SNSD Tiffany - Seulgi (Red Velvet) and Koeun in summer - S.E.S. Im your girl (remake) - NoNoNo - performed by SR17G - Atlantis Princess (BoA No, Lami and other SM Rookies Koeun, Hina and ex-trainee Herin appeared as cast members of Mickey Mouse Club in 2015 with NCT Dream's Korean members and Leeteuk hosting! Hara Hallyuboo. Early Supporters. Posts 387 Reaction score 470 Points 2,770 Location waiting for SR19G's debut Plus Coins ⨭72,675 Jun 23, 2019 #5 twicenationgirlgroup said: SM used to have a disney channel? Click to expand.

Read EXOrdium from the story SM Rookies (Groupchat) by _dustydream (Balqis ) with 5,052 reads. neoculturetechnology, smtown, chatroom. Herin : gils Herin : a.. Mentioned SM Rookies; Mentioned SR15G; Mentions of former SM Rookies; mentions of sm rookie girls because i miss them; mentions of SR16G's Hina; mentions of sr18g; Mentions of YangYang; mentions of yiyang; miniscule jeno/hina; Minor YangYang; ok there's like a lil bit of koeun x hina; rookies will appear soon; Sad Kim Jungwoo (NCT) SM rookies.

Check out our new thank-you gifts celebrating AO3's Hugo Award win. Donate today and show your support for the Archive! So far, we've raised US$ 210,549.69 , surpassing our goal of US$ 130,000 Koeun; Ningning; Hendery; Xiaojun; Yangyang; Mantan anggota: Herin; Hansol; Yiyang: SM Rookies adalah tim pradebut yang dibentuk oleh agensi hiburan Korea Selatan, SM Entertainment, pada tahun 2013. Tim ini terdiri dari para siswa pelatihan yang belum melakukan debut. Proyek ini telah menghasilkan dua grup di bawah naungan SM Entertainment yakni Red Velvet dan NCT. Anggota. Nama panggung. 20-year-old Koeun was the oldest of the girls in SM Rookies, expected to be the group's leader and a member of the vocal line. Lami, Koeun had been a trainee for a staggering 10 years and an official SM Rookie for 6 years. Lami was not far behind, training for 8 years and announced as part of SM Rookies not long after joining. Lami (left) and Koeun (right) As of right now, nothing has.

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2,409 Followers, 11 Following, 165 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from SMROOKIES GIRLS (@smrookies.girls Just months after SM Entertainment confirmed that the company's new girl group would be debuting this year, rumor has it that two of the longest-standing SM Rookies girls have quit.. Back at the end of January, new pre-debut pictures surfaced of Koeun (Ko Eunji) and Lami (Kim Sungkyung).. Koeun (left) and Lami (right) 20-year-old Koeun was the oldest of the girls in SM Rookies, expected to. (EDITED) FORMER. Koeun. March 18, 1999. Leader, vocalist, and dancer. Trainee since 2010-2011, SM Rookie since 2015. instagram: letsgoeunn Hina. January 5, 2000.

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Oct 12, 2016 - Explore karenlio0720's board Lami Smrookies on Pinterest. See more ideas about Smrookies girl, Sm rookies, Lami smrookies Newly introduced SM Rookie hails from Manchester, United Kingdom! By Holly Smith on July 14, 2015 0 Comments. SM British girl Herin was recently introduced alongside Hina from Japan and Koeun from Korea. Not a lot has been revealed about the girls as yet, but SM are undoubtedly eager to whip up some excitement among the fanbase in anticipation of the girls' TV debut. Here is a video of.

Mar 17, 2018 - For SM Trainee ️ SM Rookies ️srg18 ️XU Yiyang #XuYiyang #Yiyang #艺洋 #이양 #srg18 #smrookies #smtrainee #trainees #徐藝洋 #rookies #sm #sment #smenternaiment. See more ideas about Smrookies girl, Yiyang, Sm rookies r/kpop: K-Pop (Korean popular music) is a musical genre consisting of pop, dance, electropop, hiphop, rock, R&B, and electronic music originating in Hôm qua (24/2), người hâm mộ phát hiện SM Entertainment đã âm thầm xóa tên Lami và Koeun ra khỏi danh sách dàn rookies trên Naver.Như vậy, động thái này của công ty đã ngầm xác nhận tin đồn 2 nữ trainee đã rời khỏi SM và dự án girlgroup mới là có thật [RUMORS] SM's new girl group will be released in the second half of 2018 It is said that the group of the smrookies girls team could be 8 OR 9 members. The members who are looking for sure are their friends, lami, yiyang and koeun Cr: preciouslami03 @[460769113978646:274:SR17G / Turkey] On July 8, 2015, Koeun and Herin were introduced. On July 26, they announced the SMRookies Show. On July 30, a video of Hansol, Taeyong, Ten, & Jaehyun performing a dance, under the name of SR15B was released. On October 13, 2015, Taeil was introduced after being featured in SM Rookies events, and on December 18, 2015, Kun was introduced. On.

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Official Page မွ ဖယ္ရွားခံလိုက္ရတဲ့ နာမည္ႀကီး SM Rookie ႏွစ္ဦး Lami နဲ႔ Koeun. Lami နဲ႔ Koeun တို႔က SM Entertainment ကေန ထြက္သြားပါၿပီ. SM ROOKIES ရဲ႕ official NAVER page ကေန သူတို႔ႏွစ္ဦးရဲ႕ နာမည္ေတ ဖယ္ရွ SM Rookie (SM rookies & NCT X reader) Fanfiction. Y/N just became a SM trainee well actually an SM rookie her and her friends in SM rookies have to deal with the life of a trainee on the verge of debuting. #2018 #kpop #love #music #nct #nct127 #nctdream #nctu #romantic #smentertainment #smrookies #wattpa [K-POP] SM Rookie girl #SR16G ggอนาคตของSM กระทู้สนทนา S.M. Entertainment เค-ป็อป นักร้องนักดนตรีเกาหลี ค่ายเพล SM Entertainment mengungkapkan tiga orang anggota baru SM Rookie gini mukany masih mirip smua.. tggu debut baru kliatan bda kali. hihi. Reply. ryanduput says: July 9, 2015 at 4:56 pm . Akhirnya dikenalin juga koeun hina herin Sempet naira Ko eunji itu stage name-nya winny Rupanya koeun Pantesan sempet bingung, kenapa hyorin stage name-nya jadi koeun, Ko eunji jadi winny, rupanya. An old rumor list of Sm girls trainee of 2017 resurfaced Xu Yiyang - 1997. Park Jungyeon - 1997. Koeun - 1999. Hina - 2000. Jo Hyunseon - 2000. Yoo Jimin - 2000. Kim Minjeong - 2001. Kim Chaehyun - 2001. Ning Yizhuo - 2002. Lami - 2003. People start to think that it might be true since Yoo..

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Ningning (Korean: 닝닝; Chinese: 宁宁) is a Chinese trainee under SM Entertainment. She is part of the pre-debut trainee team SMROOKIES. On September 19, 2016, Ningning was revealed as a new trainee under of SMROOKIES, alongside Yiyang Memulihkan kata sandi anda. email Anda. Car

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Watch [ENG] Mickey Mouse Club - SMROOKIES (Ep.4) - The Squares on Dailymotio However, predebut fans now think the group's first song will come earlier in the year than expected as tons of new SM Rookies' Koeun and Lami photos surface. Apr 04, 2017 · List of SM Rookies Preparing for Debut Apr 4, 2017 · Updated : Apr 5, 2017 · 3,380 Views · 1 Irene of Red Velvet was a famous trainee in SM Rookies, who now remain her fame after her debut. It's so famous the. Depuis 2017, les fans spéculent sur le nouveau groupe de filles de SM Entertainement, Red Velvet Le groupe a fait ses débuts en 2014 et les fans ont créé plusieurs rumeurs sur le lancement du nouveau groupe de filles de SM.Fin 2018, des rumeurs circulaient selon lesquelles le nouveau groupe de filles de SM s'appelait SPRY.Il y a quatre rookies officielles qui sont suspectées par. SM Rookies was formally announced on December 2nd, 2013, featuring members Seulgi, Jeno and Taeyong.On December 9th, Irene, Jaehyun and Lami were introduced.On December 16th, the members Mark, Hansol, and Jisung were introduced, followed by Johnny, Ten, and Yuta on the 23rd.. Wendy was introduced on March 13, 2014, with the song Because Of You for the soundtrack of the series Mimi

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SM Town Live World Tour IV was the 2014-2015 worldwide live concert tour by SM Town. The tour commenced with one show in Seoul and then continued in Tokyo , Shanghai , Hsinchu . Content SMROOKIES's Mark Lee and Eunji Ko (Koeun) fluff, school-life, friendship, and romance fail SERIES #1 - FIRST Mark Lee. Nama itu terus dibicarakan oleh para gadis-gadis sekolahku. Memangnya dia siapa? Murid baru? Aku Ko Eunji. Atau biasa dipanggil Koeun oleh teman-teman yang lain. Aku memang tidak sepopuler gadis-gadis lain. Tapi aku cukup dikenal banyak orang Ko Eun-ji (고은지), better known as Koeun (고은), is a trainee in SM Entertainment, and a member of a pre-debut training team named SMROOKIES, established in 2013. She was introduced on July 8, 2015. In April 2017, she was featured in Yesung's Paper Umbrella music video, along with NCT's Jungwoo. She showed up together with NCT, Lami, Hina, and former rookie Herin in the Variety Show. Lami and Koeun were part of SMROOKIES, fans were aware of them because the two had been training at SM for a long period, many suspected the two girls would become part of the upcoming girl group. However, rumors began to circulate that they left SM after both of them started their personal Instagram account which is something trainees are not allowed to do in most agencies

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SM, do you even have any plans to debut my SM Rookie Girls? They've been in the dungeon for too long now. Saturday, February 9th, 2019 | 1 year ago . 14 notes Tagged as: #especially koeun #debut them you coward #smtown #sm rookie girls #sr16g #sr18g #smrookies #rogeeii #koeun #lami #hina #ningning #yiyang #herin. navigate: index, random. chittaphon96 reblogged this from sometime-in. And come along and be forevermore with SM Girls. Current Rookies + Rumored Members. lαmí라미 . 03/03/2003. Introduced to SMROOKIES on December,10,2013 along with Irene(RV),NCT Jaehyun. Has many notable acting roles since young including modeling. Introduced to MMC on July,8,2015 along with Koeun,Hina,and Ex-Rookie Herin. hínα히나. 01/05/2000. First seen December 2013, SMROOKIES Photos. SM Rookie กับผู้เข้าแข่งขันสำหรับเกิร์ลกรุ๊ปน้องใหม่ Korean Hilight ข่าวบันเทิงเกาหลี Korean Entertain News. อ่าน 2,051 คน. tag : Hina, Koeun, Lami, Ningning, SM Rookie, ข่าวนักร้องเกาหลี, ข่าวบันเทิง.

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Kim Sung-kyung (김성경), better known as Lami (라미), is a trainee in SM Entertainment, and a member of a pre-debut training team named SMROOKIES, established in 2013. She was introduced on December 10, 2013. Her existence when she was a kid was shown in dramas. She showed up together with NCT, Hina, Koeun and former rookie Herin in the Variety Show The Mickey Mouse Club in 2015. She. Two members of the rookie group are called NingNing (from China) and Koeun (from Korea). This new girl group also has an additional member from the US, taking the position of rap and a member from Thailand, taking on the main dance position. Athough there isn't much information about the vocal ability of the top group, netizens immediately have mixed opinions. A number of netizens said that. Koeun secara resmi dikenalkan lewat SM Rookie d tahun 2015 dan menjadi member dari pre-debut team yang bernama SR17G. Koeun dirumorkan akan jadi main vocal di grup yang akan didebutkan oleh SM Entertainment. Dia juga muncul dan menunjukkan bakat menyanyinya di program Micky Mouse Club Korea. Dia juga berteman dengan Mark 'NCT' dan mereka sama-sama kelahiran tahun 1999. Indah Permata Sari. Sebuah video baru pun diunggah manajemen ke YouTube resmi mereka. Dalam video tersebut, tampak para member SM ROOKIE keluar dari sebuah gedung dan bertemu satu sama lain di jalanan. Seperti deksripsi SM sebelumnya, SM ROOKIES merupakan kumpulan trainee terbaik SM Entertainment yang belum resmi debut, namun sedang dalam tahap persiapan. Sejauh. Koeun (born in 1999) Hina (born in 2000, Japanese) Hyerin (born in 2002, from Manchester in England, scouted from 'The Great Birth' show) Lami (born in 2003, SM princess)-Pann: New female SM rookies 1. [+171, -3] SM's standards got lower ㅋㅋ They're all so-so except Lami 2. [+117, -2] The last kid is in grade 6 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ She looks like a high school student 3. [+94, -1] They all look.

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WikiZero Özgür Ansiklopedi - Wikipedia Okumanın En Kolay Yolu . SM Town Live World Tour IV was the 2014-2015 worldwide live concert tour by SM Town.The tour commenced with one show in Seoul and then continued in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hsinchu.Seoul and then continued in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hsinchu I'm actually scared. Especially for Red Velvet. When they debuted. f(x) stopped having frequent comebacks. And completely stopped having comebacks in 2015 1 year after Red Velvet debuted. f(x) last released music was All Mine from 2016. So i hop.. Tất cả tin tức về từ khóa: SM Rookie (2 kết quả) 25/02/2020 Động thái của Lami và Koeun sau khi bị SM gạch tên khỏi dàn thực tập sinh 0. Bức ảnh selfie mới của 2 cựu trainee đã xuất hiện trên mạng xã hội. 06/06/2017.

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